Middle Ages
Welcome to Ms. Pak’s wikispace unit on the Middle Ages! This is a new site created for students by the students. You and a partner will be researching, creating, and developing a page on this wikispace to share the information you have gathered with each other. You will be assigned your topic and a partner by Ms. Pak.

Step 1:
First, you are to create 5-7 questions that you and your partner come up with about your topic. These questions are developed BEFORE you start to research and will help to guide your research. For example, you may ask:

What is the Black Plague?
When did it occur?
Who was most affected by the and why?

-These questions are all student-designed.
-It is based upon how you and your partner feel the page should cover the topic and information.
-These questions can be a starting point, but can be changed as you continue in your research.
-Extra credit points are given for more thought-provoking questions that are not basic questions.

You are to write these questions at the “Starting Point” page on the wikispace site. Be sure to press SAVE at the end of your session.

The class will be looking at these when you present your page.

Step 2:
Looking at the sample page, you are expected to have a similar design and the following aspects on your page.

1. You are to have at least 4 main points on your page. These main points can cover the questions you asked before you began your research and after you have researched, or they can be broken down into topics based on your answers and your research.

The main points should be information that you have developed in your own words. If you are going to quote a source, then give reference to the source.

2. A main points section at the top.

3. A table of contents

4. At least one image / picture

5. At least one table or graph.

6. At least 5 links within the page (to be completed after everyone’s pages are finished).

7. A bibliography in the correct format (for BHDS) at the bottom.
Note: The picture is also included in the bibliography.

8. A link to at least one historical fiction book.

All research will be done from books – there is no internet research, (copying and paste) allowed, except for images. All sited sources should be from books from our Brandeis library or your public library.

Ì In conjunction to the Middle Ages page, each of you will be reading and reviewing a historical fiction novel. You are to then develop a book review of the novel. Please refer to the historical fiction page of your wikispace site.

An extra special thank you to Mr. Seyfried and Ms. Tolson for developing the wikispace and historical fiction novels for this unit.

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