Main Point

-Who did it, how did it work, and what was it?
-When did people use it, and where was it popular?
-Why was it used?


Alchemy in the Middle Ages consisted of science, mysticism, and philosophy. Many people who performed Alchemy believed that to achieve Alchemy, you need to clear your mind, and purify your body. Alchemists believed that every object was made up of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. If they were able to solidify themselves into a state of spirit and purity they could conjure up the four elements, and any substance on earth could be formed. They also believed that if you were able to have the right combination of the four elements you could transform one object into another. This process was called “transmutation.”
Alchemists attempting to perform Alchemy
Alchemists attempting to perform Alchemy

History and Background

Alchemy was first introduced in ancient China, then quickly migrated to India and Greece. Soon after it was introduced, Alchemy started to become more of a superstition, and less of an accurate thing. Although, in Egypt, in the 12th and 13th centuries after historians translated the words of Aristotle, philosophers and scientists started to discuss Alchemy further, and truly started believing in it.

Goals and Achievements

In the Middle Ages alchemists believed that if they used the right tools, and the correct behavior they could find the "philosopher's stone". This was a stone that to be able to make transmutation possible. By using the stone, you could transform any regular object into gold. One of the major achievements that came out of Alchemy was the amazing success that followed it. Alchemy was one of the main foundations that developed the scientific discipline of chemistry. In modern day, we still use many of the laboratory devices, that through experiments, ancient Alchemists invented and produced. Something very interesting that ancient Alchemists produced was hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, potash and sodium carbonate

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