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Grail Quest: The Camelot Spell is a story about ordinary people overcoming an extraordinary challenge. The main character, Gerard is a mere squire, barely of age to go on the upcoming quest for the holy grail. He is requested to serve at a grand banquet the night before the quest begins. Gerard is not going on this quest as he has not been deemed ready by his master. At the end of the night, as Gerard is preparing to leave, all of the nights and adults of Camelot mysteriously slip into a sleeplike state from which they can not be awakened. They are not dead, but they are still in no condition to go on the mighty grail quest! With all of the nights asleep, the towns teens are fearing an invasion from their enemies. In order to return the city to normal and hold the mighty quest, Gerard puts together a team of teenagers to go and look for Merlin, the magician, as he is the only one capable of awakening the nights of Camelot. In their journey they must face many perils against all odds to get to Merlin.

The book, Grail Quest: The Camelot Spell, uses simple language to describe complex things. Therefore, I would recommend this book to a classmate or any student within three years of my age. The book combined an interesting story line with chunks of information. The main non fiction topic this book touched on was Village life in the middle ages. It talked about the class system of the middle ages, as well as how your "rank" affected how you were treated in the community. A squire, like the main character Gerard, would be scoffed at. A knight would be bowed to. The book described in detail what a day in the life of a squire would be, which made me want to learn more about everyday life and village life. The books plot is clear and easy to follow. The climactic event of the book is when the teens are in a battle against the clock to get to a portal that will close at midnight to take them closer to Merlin.
Overall review 8.9/10. B+