Crispin and The Cross of Lead

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Summary: In my book the main character is a boy named Asta's son. Nobody knows his real name and his mom is named Asta so people call him Asta's son. They are a poor family and one day asta's son is exploring the woods when he see's his master talking to a messenger from the king. They see him and chase him off. The next day he finds out that he has been declared a wolves head which means that he should be killed on sight. He runs away but not before stopping at the church to say goodbye to his best friend the priest. The priest tells him his real name is Crispin then is murdered when someone comes in and see's them talking. Crispin escapes and runs off until he finds an abandoned town and decides to rest because he has been running for days. When he approaches the town he here's singing from the church of the town. He goes into the church to find a husky man named Bear. Bear takes him on as a servant than because Crispin is upset bear makes him his apprentice instead of servant. They go to towns and perform because bear is a juggler and this is how they make money. They than go to the biggest city around and perform there. Bear is part of a secret brotherhood there and gets captured and taken to prison. It turns out Crispin is the kings son but is in danger because the queen wants him murdered so that she can get all the wealth and power from her husband. Crispin brakes Bear out of jail but they get caught in the town square and Bear has to fight there way out of the city.

Review: The author of my book was a a man named Avi, the copyright date is 2002. The most interesting thing I learned from the book is that people were so easily entertained by a person juggling. Now people watch movies or play games to entertain themselves. The climatic part in the book is when Bear and the guard are having a brawl and before that when Crispin is breaking Bear out of jail. I really liked the book and would recommend it to anybody looking for a good read. I read the sequel which I liked also. The main character of the book s a boy a boy but either gender could read the book. It was an amazing book.