Main points

1. A Crusade is a holy war.
2. The Crusades began when muslims took over the city of Jerusalem and the Pope called upon his holy knights to go on a Crusade to regain control of the city of Jerusalem.
3. The Crusades were started to take the city of Jerusalem for the Christians from the Muslims.
4. Some famous Crusaders were King Richard, Emich of Leiningen, King Louis, Tancred, and Count Raymond of Toulouse.
5. The Crusaders joined the crusades to conquer the holy land, so that it would be christian teritory.
6. The Crusades were mostly fought in Jerusalem and people fought over territory in the holy city.

What were the Crusades

Map of the Crusades
Map of the Crusades

The word “Crusade” means holy war. A Crusade is a conquest based on religious beliefs. The Crusades in the Middle Ages were intended to regain control of Jerusalem from the Islamic people. The Christians got the holy city back though they lost many people along the way there, and along the way back. There were a total of eight Crusades although some philosophers consider there to have been a ninth Crusade but most say it was part of the eighth. The Crusades lasted in total from 1096-1270.

Beginning of the Crusades

The Crusades begin when Pope Urban went to knights and told them it was the will of Christ to take back the holy city of Jerusalem from the Muslims. Most knights had time on there hands so they went to fight for their holy city. The Crusaders got to the city after many had died and on the first attack they were driven back because there were walls all around the city and arrows rained down on them from the bows of the Muslims. Than the Crusaders built towers and took over the city easily. When the Crusaders took over the holy city they also took over many castlesin the area.

Why the Crusades Were Started

The Crusades were started by pope Urban, whose intention was to take back the holy city of Jerusalem, and turn it into christian land. The Crusades were begun in an attempt to gain control of the holy land. Pope Urban's reason for sending crusaders out to war was that it was the will of Christ to take back the holy land. the Christians and the Muslims were

Famous Crusaders

Some famous Crusaders were King Richard, Emich of Leiningen, King Louis, Tancred, and Count Raymond of Toulouse. King Richard is often called Richard the lion heart because he was quite brave, and fought with the strength and spirit of a lion. He had his own Crusade, and was considered a knight. Emich of Leiningen beat Jews for taxes but is still considered a famous Crusader. King Louis, Tancred and, Count Raymond of Toulouse were also crusaders who fought in the Crusades.
First Crusade
Second Crusade
Third Crusade
Fourth Crusade
Crusade of Fredrick the Second
Crusades of Louis the ninth

The Crusaders Motive

The Crusaders motive to fight in the Crusade was to fight for Christ and free their holy land from the “wrath” of the Muslims. Some Crusaders also wanted to acquire land and that was an incentive for them. Some of them were hoping to find treasure in the holy land of Jerusalem. Some knights such as Richard the lion heart hated Muslims with all there heart and wanted to destroy the Islamic empire in Jerusalem. The sworn enemy of king Richard the lion heart was the leader of the Muslims, a man called Saladin. Another reason people fought in the Crusades is because they wanted to defend their country. The last reason people fought is because the government forced them to fight.

Where the Crusades Were Fought

The Crusades mostly took place in Jerusalem.Some crusades also took place in Constantinople. A Crusader would wear a well fitted tunic with a large red cross. He carried a long battle sword, and sometimes a long lance . Not that much of the fighting took place in the actual city of Jerusalem. Most of the fighting just took place in the area. People fought over many things in the Crusades. Some people fought over treasure, some people fought over land, but most of the people just fought because that is what they were told to do.

Book review

The Youngest Templar By Michael Spradlin
My Guardian Angel By Sylvie Weil
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
Pagan's Crusade by Catherine Jinks


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