You will create a new page where you are writing a book review of your assigned historical fiction novel. You will be asked to choose your historical fiction novel and have it read by April 20th and reviewed by the end of the period Tuesday, April 21st.
You will be given class time on 4/20 and 4/21 to write the review and post it on wikispaces.

When you are finished reading, provide the following on your book review page:
Title of the book
Copyright date
Brief (meaning one paragraph) description of the book
and three of the following:

Ÿwhat you learned about the era/history that you did not know before reading the book
Ÿthe most amazing or interesting thing learned from reading the book.
Ÿthe climactic event in the book
Ÿthe person, place, or thing you were inspired to learn more about by reading the book
Ÿwhy you would -- or would not -- recommend the book to a classmate.

Catherine Called Birdy book review by C. Pak (sample)
Title of Historical Fiction
Reviewed by: (your name)
Catherine Called Birdy (Sample)
Christina Pak (Sample)
Magic Circle
Dan Bernstein
Isabel Boutiette
My Guardian Angel
Sydney Bradley
The Youngest Templar
Jonathan Braude
The Bookstore Mouse
Caleb Chertow
Pagan's Crusade
Daniella Davidoff
Arbel Efraty
The Midwife's Apprentice
Samara Goldbrener
Daughter of the Wind
Noah Gerard-Grossman
The Ballad of Sir Dinadan
Andrew Kaminsky
The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf
Sam Koch
Milana Krush
Arthur the Seeing Stone
Shana Marshall
Grail quest: Camelot Spell
Jared Miller-Sclar
The Puppeteer's Apprentice
Sarah Pierliussi
The Last Knight
Seth Rosner
Crispin and The Cross of Lead
Alijah Rubin
Igraine the Brave
Sam Ryan
I am Morgan le Fay
Abigail Skinner
The Forbidden Forest
Zach Ticktin
Matilda Bone
Mikela Waldman
Blood Red Horse
Lauren Weiser
Rowan Hood
Anthony Yakubovich
The Executioner's Daughter
Hannah Rosenzweig