Written by Chirtopher Russell
Copyright date: 2007


Brind, a young boy was raised a huntsman for a pack of Mastiffs working for Sir Edmund at Dowe Manor. Him and his pack protect Sir Edmund, Lady Beatrice, and their foster daughter Aurelie. When one day Lady Beatrice dies of the Black Plague, Brind, Auriele, and Glaive -- the lead Mastiff-- and her puppy Gabion are thrown out of the manor believed to be the cause of the Lady's death. The small group sets out to find a place to live. But wherever they go the plague bring devastation and Brind and Aurelie are constantly trying to escape angry mobs and soldiers who also believe that they are the cause of this black death. Constatnly struggling to keep themselves alive, they continue on the search for a safe home.

After reading this book I learned about how horrible and devastating the black plague was, and what it did to people. I also learned about the daily lives of how people lived during that time. Most of the population were peasants and farmers who lived in poorly built homes. There was also at least one church in every town. The only medicine available was herbs and religious practices including healing prayers.

The most interesting thing I learned from the book was that people thought Aurelie was a witch (or possesed by the devil) and the methhods they used to test her. Some of those included stabing the person with a long, thin, metal rod, and if they didn't feel pain they were a witch. Another method was putting the person in a stone coffin without air, wait a day, and then if the person is still alive a preist would then say some prayers to rid the person of the devil. Then the person was considered cured.

After reading this book, I was inspired to learn more about the Black Plague. I would like to learn more about what caused it, how it spread, where is spread to, and how it effected the body.