Written by Nancy Springer
Book Review by Abigail Skinner
Copyright 2001

I am Morgan le Fay is a novel that tells the tale of the young, magical fay, Morgan. Morgan is a very special girl, for she is a high-born girl, daughter of Queen Igraine the Beautiful. The book begins as Morgan is just a small girl, only seven years in age. Everything in her life was fine, her sister and mother were both well, her father was a knight coming home from a quest, and her governess, Nurse, took care of her. Then everything changed. Suddenly she faces the challenge of a dead father, murdered in the night, and her mother taken into captivity by the feared king Uther Pendragon. She, along with Nurse and her sister Morgause, must travel to a new land, far from home, in order to be safe from the many nobles that want her dead so that they can claim the throne for themselves. They travel with Thomas, True Thomas, the boy of Morgan's dreams. He is a messenger for Uther Pendragon and, having met Morgan when she was just a small girl, decides that it was his mission to protect Morgan and her family from the dangerous world that they lived in. As she grows up she will begin to realize that she serves a very special purpose in the human world, and, if she follows her fate, she could determine the fate of Great Britain and thus, the fate of humankind.

The climatic event in I am Morgan le Fay was when Morgan ventures far from Caer Ongwynn to Caer Avalon and sees her mother and the other fays for the first time is ages. This is a huge deal because in Caer Avalon Morgan learns the deep magic and how to use her milpreve to create wonders. After reading this book I was very interested in learning about King Arthur because he was Morgan's half brother and the story depicts his life to have been very interesting. I would definitely recommend this book to a classmate because this book draws the reader in so that they always want to know what will happen next. The plot was also very thick and well written, with many major events that keep the book going.