Igraine the Brave

by Cornelia Funke
Copyright: 2007


In my book, the main character is Igraine. She lives in Pimpernel castle with her brother, mother, and father, who are lords of the castle. They are magicians, but she doesn't like magic. She wants to be a knight. When her parents accidentally turn themselves to pigs, she must go on an expedition get them a Giants Red Hair to turn them back to humans. Than they get news than an evil knight named Osmund plans to come to the castle to steal the magic books from her parents. She must go quickly to get the hairs so that their parents can become human to defend the castle from the Greedy Osmund. On her journey the giant introduces her to a knight. She begs him to come back with her to help Pimpernel Castle. When they return the castle is under siege. They sneak in through a secret exit. Igraine's parents still need many hours. to turn back to humans. Will Igriane, the knight, and her brother be able to defend the castle long enough?


The most interesting thing I learned from the book was more about jousting and castles. The book told me many details about these things that I would otherwise not know. For example: I learned that each knight had many lances and not just one. The climactic part of the book is when Igraine, her bother, and the knight are trying to defend the castle while their parents turn themselves back to humans. I would recommend this book to my classmates. It is an entertaining book throughout and can even be funny. It has many interesting magical creatures like three headed dragons and they all have their own unique personalities.