How to Hyperlink in Wikispaces
In order to create specific hyperlinks to a destination inside another wikipage, you will need to first create “Anchors” on the destination wikipage and then link from your wikipage.
First Part: You need to create the anchor point (the point where the link begins on your page; like an anchor.):

1. Go to the part of the page where you want the link to jump to (usually located farther down the page).
2. Go to “Edit this Page” and type in the coding for an anchor at the desired location on the page.

Second Part: You need to create the link.

1. Wherever you want your anchor link list to appear, highlight the text that you want to use as your link.

2. Click on the link button in the toolbar that looks like an earth. For Page Name, select the name of the page you want to link to.

3. Click the "Link to anchor?" link, which will then display a box into which you can type the anchor name. In other words, you would type the anchor's name in to the Anchor box, since this is what you put inside the anchor code in the first part.