Matilda Bone Book Review

The book I chose to read is titled Matilda Bone, by Karen Cushman. It was copyrighted in the year 2000. The story takes place in the Middle Ages, in a small town called Blood and Bone Alley. The main character is a polite, obedient girl named Matilda. After living in a luxurious manor her whole life and being educated by a top minister, Matilda is forced to move from her city, high-class life to being the assistant to a poor bone setter in a small town. At the beginning of the story, Matilda is disgusted by their lowly ways in her new home, and is convinced that the minister is coming back to rescue her. After meeting some interesting strangers and learning the ways of a bonesetter, Matilda discovers that sometimes you have to follow your heart and not your head. While her head tells her that god will be angry with her for enjoying herself in a community that she is not used to, her heart says not to be afraid. Matilda realizes that living in Blood and Bone Alley was much better than she thought, and just how lonely she actually was in the manor. By the end of the book, Matilda finds that if you let yourself, you can really adjust to your surroundings, and make memories that will last forever.external image 14602489.JPG

The most interesting/ amazing thing I learned from this book was how children were treated during the Middle Ages. Every child that is mentioned in the book is either an adult’s assistant or a servant. The main character has no say in what she does, and obeys her master willingly. This surprised me because if you compare this to children nowadays it is very unrealistic. It is against the law to have child labor, and very few children obey what their parent or guardian says without a complaint. This was very interestingProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 0to learn because I knew that children used to serve as helpers instead of companions, but I didn’t know that they didn’t even put up a fight. I would not recommend this book to a classmate because even though I learned a couple things, the general story was very bland. There was one thing going on the entire book, and it was very repetitive. The girl kind of grows as a person, and I thought it was important to get that message through, but the author c