Monarchs Main Points

  • Monarchs were kings, queens and ruler of the medieval times.
  • Royal fathers usually chose their sons to be the heir in order to keep the kingdom from getting destroyed from war(s).
  • Kings wardrobe was different from the regular villagers outfits. The king usually wore a jeweled crown, “which was the symbol of the sun and heavens”, and held royal objects such as an “upright sword, which represented justice and power”.
  • The earliest monarchs were “warlords”, or head leaders of tribes and clans.
  • Medieval monarchs were very much helped by knights, nobles and sometimes clergy’s in ruling. The wealth was shared between the king and its helpers, as were privileges.
  • Medieval kings used art as a way to trophy themselves or share their achievements with the public.----

We Will Survive

The times may have changed but idea of a leader for an entire country has not. We still have Monarchs today! For example look at Queen Elizabeth. Their dynasty has been around for more than 50 years. Our countries still need a leader to keep the peace and make sure that all of the people are taken care of. In America, we have a different sort of political system. Our country is not ruled by one person, but many people team together to make up the government. This idea was developed from the Monarch system and our government would not be the same if royalty had not existed.

Duties of a Monarch

Monarchs served as kings, queens and rulers of the medieval times. They had a lot of responsibilities. On the side of keeping their kingdom safe, monarchs also played the role of peacemakers and justice keepers for the rest of the town. The monarchs even had to convince all the members of the community to keep the peace and make decisions only for the good of the town. In general it was their obligation to be fair, honest and to hand out rewards or punishments without fright or favor. A lot of Monarchs killed people to keep their High class role or get a Royal position. Some Monarchs even killed their families! Monarchs also appointed squires into knights. This ceremony was called dubbing and was a very important milestone in a knights career.

Woman Rulers

25190265CatherineDeMedici.jpgMale Monarchs were very common, but what about the woman? Men were usually warriors or tribal leaders and this helped their reputation of being good leaders. With that being, people thought that woman would not be able to rule their kingdom let alone an entire country. A woman’s job was just to take care of their homes and families while the men were away. Although in Medieval Asia women were a very important aspect to the Kingdom and played a big role in decisions and ruling their land.Queen


From Rags to Riches

Medieval Monarchs were extremely wealthy, and it was obvious. While town people wore rags and clean robes, Monarchs wore costly robes of silk, velvet, brocade, fur, and the finest wool and linen. Becoming wealthy was not usually a struggle for monarchs. Most of the time a monarch was either born, or married into a monarchy. When a monarch was in the public, he or she would not try to hide there wealth, they did exactly the opposite. In order to stand out and draw attention monarchs wore exquisite jewelry. Such as rings, necklaces and most importantly there jeweled crown. The jeweled crown was the most eye- catching of all. Commoners would immediately give respect to a monarch wearing a crown. The crown symbolized kings and queens of the heavens and sun. In Korea, it was in style to wear tall head gear as a symbol of power and strength. This would turn heads which was exactly what the monarch was aiming for, mission accomplished!

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Lived from 1122-1204
She was Queen of France and later Queen of England,
Queen Eleanor led a group of women on the Second Crusade
and created a financial system of her own.
Attila the Hun
Ruled 434 - 453
He was the most famous barbarian invader to attack Rome,
he attacked the eastern half of the Roman empire. He also
invaded France and Italy from 451-452.
Ruled 924-939
He was the first king to rule all England. He united the Seven Kingdoms
and led English armies to victory against soldiers in Scotland.
Edward the Confessor
Ruled 1042-1066
He built the first church in London, that still is standing today.

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