WIKISPACES RUBRICMs. Pak - Middle Ages Unit

10-Point Performance
5-Point Performance
3 – Point Performance
The information of the page is clear and informative. The content is historically accurate and meets the assignment’s requirements and is well researched.
The information of this page is slightly lost and disorganized. The content is stated, but is missing some of the assigned requirements and may be due to a lack of research.
The purpose of the page is not identifiable. The content is not stated or is done so poorly and fails to meet the assignments requirements.
Visual Appeal
Graphics were added and were used as needed and add to the content. They graphics were not distracting and the page is not cluttered. All graphics were cited.
Not enough relevant / appropriate images and the ones that are there included detract from the page and “clutter” the page. Images are not cited.
No graphics or insufficient use of the graphics. Images if present are irrelevant and not cited.
All assigned requirements (meaning the table of contents, heading, main points, etc) are used appropriately. Content on the page is ordered in a way that makes logical sense and is informational.
Page is disorganized. Poorly arranged headings and other headings detract from the page’s organization.
The page is not organized at all and no time or effort seems to have been placed in organizing the information. Unable to follow the content.
Hyperlinks to Outside Sources
Your wiki entry includes links to outside sources that help strengthen your content. All links included work (are active).
You have included at least 5 links and the historical fiction link.

There are not enough links. The requirement was not met. Links do not link to the correct page or strengthen the content.
No links are available to strengthen the page or they do not work at all.
Original, Intelligent Wording
The wording is clear, intelligent and meaningful. Wikis may be read by a global audience and the group clearly was mindful of this. Bibliography references were included.
Wording and content is presented but is informal and written as if the author(s) were “speaking” rather than presenting the information. Wording is not clear and original (too many quotes are not good). Limited references
There is little or no concern for the audience, wording is copied, not cited text.
Incomprehensible writing and disorganized.

Spelling & Grammar
The page has no spelling and grammar errors and is thoughtfully proofread.
There are several errors on the page that display a lack of proofreading and concern.
There are many errors on the page that make it difficult to read and understand the content.