The Starting Point:

Here is where you and your partner will record your questions for your topic. Be considerate of each topic and add and delete only questions under your topic. You are to have a minimum of 5 questions and a maximum of 7 questions. Extra credit is given for more thought-provoking questions versus basic questions.

Sample: Adhesives
  1. When were adhesives made during the Middle Ages?
  2. What was the use of the adhesives?
  3. Who created the adhesives?
  4. How were adhesives detrimental to the Middle Ages or anyone?
  5. Who were glue-obsessed monarchs?
  6. How many different ingredients of types of adhesives existed during the Middle Ages?
Black Plague
1. What is the Black Plague?
2. How did it affect people?
3. What is the difference between the black plague and the Bubonic plague?
4. How did it begin?
5. How did it end?
6. Where did it start?
7. Who was most affected by the plague and why?
1. Who lived in the castles, and what stature did it require?
2. Who built the castle? When were they built?
3. Where were the castles mainly located?
4. What was the average size of a castle?
5. What defines, or is required in a castle?
6. What were the castles made of? Where were the needed materials gathered?
1) Where did people live in medieval cities? (i.e., what kind of houses?)
2) Who controlled the city and the inside of the city?
3) Were the cities just big fortresses with a big wall around them?
4) Was there only one kind of religion in the cities?
5) Where did the traveling merchants come from?
6) What kinds of taxes did the city dwellers have to pay? Food? Water? Poor people's taxes?
7) What kinds of jobs (besides merchants) were there in medieval cities?
1. What is a crusade?
2. How did the crusades begin?
3. For what reason were they started?
4. Who were some famous crusaders?
5. Why did they become crusaders?
6. Where were most of the crusades fought and what did people fight over?
1. Where was it done or practiced? Which parts of the world?
2. Were there requirements to do it or complete it?
3. What class of people preformed Feudalism?
4. What are the pros and cons of Feudalism?
5. Did Feudalism make a big or small mark in out history?
6. Is Feudalism still practiced today?
Jewish Life
1. What was the Spanish Expulsion?
2. Where did they live?
3.Were Jews accepted into society in the Middle Ages?
4.What did Jews do for a living?
5. What is the history behind Jewish traditions?
Knights & Warfare
1. What kinds of weapons were used in the Middle Ages?
2. What are the duties of a knight?
3. What equipment does a knight use/wear?
4. What fighting tactics did knights use?
5. How long does a siege last and what equipment is used?
6. How were battles provoked?
7. What are the different ranks/classifications of soldiers in the Middle Ages?
1. What were some major breakthroughs in medicine of the middle ages?
2. What were some common techniques of healing that are considered dangerous today?
3. How did they come to discover the four humors?
4. Where did doctors learn medical practices?
5. Were any medical procedures religious?
  1. Which monarch that made the most difference?
  2. After a monarch has died, who and how is the next one appointed?
  3. What differences or changes that monarchs had made in the past, still survived until today?
  4. What makes the monarchy's fashion or wardrobe different from a common villagars wardrobe?
  5. Were monarchy's ever replaced because the people did not like them or approve of what they were doing?
  6. who was he first woman ruler of the medieval times?


What were the most popular religions of the Middle Ages?
Where were these religions mainly practiced?
What were the main concepts of these religions?
What were the origins of these religions?
Where were these religions centered and did they have leaders and if so who?
Did these religions play a role in politics and if so, how large of a role?
Travel & Trade
1. What were the most/least valuable goods and why?
2. What did merchants travel by?
3. Where did certain goods come from around the world?
4.What did they use for money in the middle ages?
5. how were merchants/explorers looked upon in the community?
6.What famous traders and explorers were there in time?
Village Life
1. How is village life conflicted by different leaders?
2. How is village life then connected to city life now?
3. What were the different classes living in the villages?
4. How long does it take to form a village?
5. What religions were practiced in villages?
6. What were the types of laws they had?
1. Were people ever prosecuted for believing in Alchemy?
2. Was there a certain race/religion/culture/group that were the soul believers in Alchemy?
3. How and where did Alchemy originate?
4. Did the people who used Alchemy generally do it for good or evil?
5. Was there a certain person who was the was able to do it the best?